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Cycling routes

Explore the landscapes of Catalonia with Sagalés and enjoy amazing cycling routes. From now on you can bring your bicycle on-board the bus and enjoy a day of sport and adventure in the great outdoors.

The bus route we recommend for tourist cycling routes is the regular service which runs from Barcelona to Santa Maria d'Oló, passing through Moià and Vic to Rupit, Viladrau and Sant Pere de Torelló:

BARCELONA - MOIÀ - SANTA MARIA D'OLÓ (Routes 203 and 213)
Moià has a spectacular natural environment rich in vegetation, trails and rural guest houses. The prehistoric Toll Caves are of great interest to visitors due to their great historical and cultural value.
The streams of Gavarresa and Oló run through the hilly territory of Santa Maria d'Oló which is crowned by a castle at its summit.
To check timetables, stops and further information about this route please visit: Regular routes

VIC - RUPIT (Routes 454, 458, 462, 463, 464)
Vic is surrounded by a nature trail carved out by enclaves with great ecological value and amazing views. The 14 km route to the hermitage of Sant Sebastian provides spectacular views of the city, the capital of the Osona region and accross the plane.
The streets and houses of the millennial town of Rupit date from the 16th and 17th Century and provide it with an especially attractive ancestral and rustic feel. In Collsacabra you will discover long routes filled with incredible spots.
To check timetables, stops and further information about this route please visit: Regular routes

VIC - VILADRAU (Route 441)
Viladrau ascends to a summit of 840 metres above the banks of the Major stream. An important part of the municipality of Viladrau lies within the Montseny Natural Park, including a soulful mountain, packed with trails dotted with fountains, bridges, trees, hills, farm houses and the Sant Marçal mines.
To check timetables, stops and further information about this route please visit: Regular routes

VIC - SANT PERE DE TORELLÓ (Routes 455, 457, 459, 449, 448) 
The peak of Àliga in the Curull mountains reaches its summit at Sant Pere de Torelló. Enjoy the atmosphere of Curull castle, Bellmunt sanctuary, the bridge of La Riera and Salt del Molí waterfall.
To check timetables, stops and further information about this route please visit: Regular routes


Town Council of Moià www.moia.cat

Town Council of Santa Maria d'Oló www.olo.cat

Town Council of Vic www.vic.cat

Town Council of Rupit www.rupitpruit.cat

Town Council of Viladrau www.viladrau.cat

Town Council of Sant Pere de Torelló www.stpere.cat







- Bicycles can be transported free of charge on regular public services. Only one bicycle is accepted per user.
- It must good clean condition. For this reason, it is recommended for them to be packaged. You can purchase specific packaging for bicycles at the ticket office in Barcelona (Pg. de Sant Joan, 52; open Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 19:00; telephone 93 231 27 56). This packaging costs 5 €.
- Bicycles must go into the luggage area of the bus, except in the case of folding bicycles. These can be transported outside the luggage area, provided that the vehicle permits standing passengers and the size of the bicycle when folded does not exceed that permitted for hand luggage (100 x 60 x 25 cm).
- The maximum number of bicycles that fit on the bus is 5 in the luggage compartment and 2 in the spaces reserved for standing passengers, and they may never occupy the area reserved for persons with reduced mobility. However, every vehicle is conditioned by the space available. The service providing company may limit access after evaluating safety or preservation, among others.
- Passengers transporting bicycles on-board are responsible for the damage they may cause to other users, luggage and the vehicle itself.
- For better comfort and security, call the Transit Department in advances (for Barcelona routes call 93 865 04 00 and for Vic routes call 93 889 25 77) to query availability.
- It is advisable that passengers with bicycles arrive 15 minutes in advance



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