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Girona Walking Tour from Barcelona

Come and discover the most representative and most interesting spots in the city of Girona.


  • The excursion is only available on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Return trip on regular line with ticket from Barcelona to Girona.
  • Departure from Barcelona (Ronda Sant Pere, 21) with line 602 that connects Barcelona with Girona. You can download the timetable in the download section of this page.
  • Guided tour of the Jewish quarter of Girona, the Church of Sant Feliu, the Monastery of Sant Pere Galligants, the Arab baths and the medieval wall with its panoramic views and La Rambla. The tour lasts approximately 1hour 45 min. The meeting point for starting the guided tour is the Punt de Benvinguda situated on C. Berenguer Carnisser, no. 3 (Girona). You must arrive at 12:00 a.m.
  • Guided tour of the city of Girona in Spanish and English. Also in Catalan on Saturdays.

Departure from Barcelona (Ronda Sant Pere, 21/23) and arrival at Avinguda Ramon Folch in Girona. 



Return from Girona (Avinguda Ramon Folch) to Barcelona (Ronda Sant Pere, 21/23).



Consult the timetable for the whole line on the route planner on www.sagales.com

Route from Avinguda Ramon Folch in Girona to the Welcome Point:



For help call us on 902 13 00 14


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