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Winery tour in Alella

Guided tour of the Alella Vinícola Winery and wine tasting session with three ‘Alella’ Designation of Origin wines. Departures from Barcelona every Saturday, all year round.


  • The excursion is available every Saturday.  
  • Departing Barcelona (Ronda Sant Pere, 21) on the e19 bus between Barcelona and Alella. 
  • Entry + Guided Tour + Wine Tasting Session at the Alella Vinícola Winery. Enjoy a guided tour of the hundred-year-old modern winery (est. 1906) located in the heart of Alella that produces Designation of Origin wines under the Marfil, Ivori, Violeta, Mayla and Vallmora brands. The guided tour lasts one hour and thirty minutes. Available entry times: 10:00 (guided tour in English only) or 12:30 (guided tour in Catalan or Spanish). Please arrive 15 minutes before your chosen entry time. 
  • Return to Barcelona on regular public transport (e19).

Departure from Barcelona (Ronda Sant Pere, 21/23) and arrival at Plaça dels Germans Lleonard. 

9:15 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:30

Return from Alella (Plaça dels Germans Lleonard) to Barcelona (Ronda Sant Pere, 21/23). 

16:00 16:30 17:15 18:20 19:10 20:10 20:40

You will find the timetable for this bus route on the route planner of www.sagales.com


Route from Plaça dels Germans Lleonard to the Alella Vinícola Winery (Rambla Àngel Guimerà, 62):




For help call us on 902 13 00 14


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