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SAGALÉS S.A. resulted from the fusion of several passenger transport companies.

The first traces of economic activity date back to 1641 when farmers were transported to different markets. After industrialization, 50 years later, and still with the first generation of Sagalés at the helm, we dedicated ourselves as artisans to the business of wool farming. This was how the very first routes were created, bringing ice taken from wells in the mountains of Moià to Barcelona which formed the first networks communicating diverse towns. Then, in the 18th Century, transport began to be carried out using carts, sprung carts and stagecoaches, and in the 19th Century, the first motor vehicles were introduced, which gave rise to regular services and greatly facilitated the spread of transport.

The Civil War resulted in the collectivization of the company. When it was over, the remains of vehicles were gathered in order to re-start activity. In fact, our company was established in 1944. From then, Sagalés began to operate via different subsidiaries, in order to operate urban services within important towns such as Granollers and Manresa. Despite the post-Francoist era, the oil crisis and the post-Olympic financial crisis, Sagalés continued to be the leader in transport; with the addition of discretionary services, occasional tourist services, the transport of workers, school services, etc.



In its over 370 years of history, all generations have been at the forefront of the transport sector providing services to organizations and events, and covering the most important transport needs of Catalonia.

Some facts worth mentioning in this sense, are the implementation of the first T-10 in the state in the 80's, and the implementation of ramps for the disabled and cards with chips in the 90's. We have received awards for being one of the oldest companies in Catalonia, the promotion of business association and our company's career; we have been awarded the Gold Medal for passenger transport, the Placa Mèrit transport award from the Regional Catalonian Government and the Marketing Winners Prize, but to mention a few.


Sagalés is synonymous with family and professional experience in all kinds of circuits. We have an extensive network of bus routes through different regions and subregions. With operations in 14 regions of Catalonia, we operate over 250 regular, urban, interurban, night and express routes, and in this manner, we cover the urban and interurban needs of dozens of Catalan towns and transport over 23 million passengers a year. We also operate in Ibiza, where we work with HF Vilás, on several regular bus routes to the island's main towns, as well as dicretionary and school services and with a fleet of over 40 vehicles. We adapt our services to offer a public service that caters to each and every need and at a competitive price.

We are the leading company in the sector with a broad and diverse portfolio of customers and users; a highly specialized team, and a fleet of modern high performance vehicles mostly owned by the company and provided with the technical support of our own garages. We want to be by your side, move with you and go wherever you go. We are committed to trust; we make our promise to you according to a whole series of values: quality, closeness, experience, safety and protection, offer, punctuality, comfort and hygiene.


Public transport of the Granollers conurbation.


Urban transport of the city of Manresa.


Vic urban transport.


Urban transport service in the Nou Barris district of Barcelona.



Transport to Barcelona and Girona Airports. Interurban routes of the Costa de Barcelona, Costa Brava South, Girona and Figueres.


Interurban rotues to Manresa, Bages region.


Discretionary services and regular routes in Ibiza.


Tourist trips and deals.



We have an Integrated Quality Management System aimed at improving the organizational aspects of our company and technical quality. Because good organization provides a better service, and this results in a better quality finished product. In order to satisfy consumers and ensure their satisfaction, quality is also reflected in caring for and respecting the environment. Sagalés is certified with ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for the environment, UNE 13816 for good passenger transport and OHSAS 18001 for occupational risk prevention.

Furthermore, we continuously analyse quality as an indication of customer satisfaction, carry out mystery shopping on services, control punctuality by route and the safety of vehicles; and we respond to suggestions and requests.


Quality Certifications

ISO 9001 (Quality)
ISO 14001 (Environment)
UNE 13816 (Public transport quality)
ISO 50001 (Energy management)
ISO 39001 (Road traffic safety)
ISO 22301 (Business continuity)
OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety)
Q de Calidad Turística
Commintment of Tourism Quality

At Sagalés we adapt to the circumstances at all times to provide the best service on your journey. For this reason we have WiFi  routers installed on the majority of vehicles in our fleet, especially express buses, those providing tourist services, and discretionary and long distance coaches. In this manner you can enjoy your journey while connected to the internet via your mobile, computer or tablet.


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